Implementation Of Learning Of The Ta'limul Mutallim Book In Improving The Character Of The Discipline Of Santries In Tahshilul Murodi Pondok Pensantren Lamongan


studying the book of Ta’limul Muta’allim
character Santri


One of the classic books that is widely taught in Islamic boarding schools is the book Ta'limul Mutaallim by Shaykh Az-Zarnuji. This paper seeks to describe the implementation of learning the book of ta'limul mutaallim in improving the disciplined
character of students at the Tahsilul Murodi Islamic boarding school Bojoasri Lamongan. By using a qualitative approach, and data collection using interviews. And the data collected by the writer uses the analysis of data reduction, presentation, data and data
verification. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of learning the book of Ta'limul Mutaallim is carried out in three stages. Planning, which is done by formulating the goals to be achieved in each meeting and classroom management from
the teacher. Implementation, at this stage is done by opening lessons, providing learning materials using bandongan and deliberation methods, and evaluation in the form of test and non-test techniques. The implementation of learning the Ta'limul Mutaallim book is
proven to be able to improve the disciplined character of students. Santri can be disciplined in terms of time and actions by obeying and obeying the rules of the Islamic boarding school and being obedient and obedient to the teacher.

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