Risk Management In Murabahah Financing at BMT Amanah 99 Bojonegoro


Risk Management
Murabaha Financing


The rapid growth of BMT makes this financial institution vulnerable to risk. The risk that is often experienced by BMT is the risk of murabahah financing, this is because murabahah is the most desirable and most frequently used financing in BMT. Risk management is a method that BMT can use in anticipating and overcoming financing risk, there are various kinds of risk management that can be applied in BMT, but the first step that can be taken in anticipating risk is to apply 5 C analysis, including: character, capacity, collateral , capital, and economic conditions. This research was conducted at BMT Amanah 99 Bojonegoro. The purpose of this research was to determine how the application of risk management in murabahah financing at BMT Amanah 99 Bojonegoro. The research method used was a qualitative research method with data sources coming from interviews, observations, and documentation. The analysis used in this research is the Miles and Huberman analysis model, including: data reduction, data presentation, and verification. In checking the validity of the data, the researcher used a source triangulation technique. The results of this research indicated that the risk management applied by BMT Amanah 99 Bojonegoro was a 5 C analysis, including character, capacity, capital, collateral, and condition of economy. However, from the 5 aspects of the analysis, only 3 aspects were applied by BMT Amanah 99, including character, capacity, and collateral. Character analysis is carried out by analyzing the character or personality of the member at the time of applying for financing and tracing the history of debts that have been made. Capacity analysis is carried out by comparing the total income of members with the number of installments and the time taken to pay off the financing. Meanwhile, the collateral analysis is carried out by requiring each member who applies for financing to bring a guarantee letter.

keywords: risk management, murabaha financing, BMT.

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