Education System of The Son Ar-Raudloh Islamic Boarding School in Shaping Character The Independence of Students


Putra Ar-Raudloh Islamic Boarding School is a salaf Islamic boarding school
that upholds the values of independence in educating students, carried out with
very basic activities such as taking care of their daily lives so that students can easily
run them. This study aims to discuss the Education System at the Putra Ar-Raudloh
Islamic Boarding School which focuses on the components of the education system,
the supporting and inhibiting factors faced in shaping the independent character of
students. This study uses a qualitative research type with a descriptive approach,
then the data collection techniques used are interviews, observation and
documentation, and the data analysis techniques used are: data reduction, data
presentation, and data verification. The results of the analysis found that there are
four components of the education system, namely: curriculum, media, methods,
facilities and infrastructure. And there are supporting factors by motivating students
and skills knowledge activities, as well as the existing inhibiting factors, namely the
emergence of a sense of laziness and lack of awareness of students.

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