Strategy for Improving Employee Discipline At BMT Usaha Artha Sejahtera Senori Tuban


Employee Discipline
BMT Usaha Artha Sejatera


Human resources have a very important role in a company in managing, regulating, and utilizing employees so that they can function productively for the creation of company goals. The problem that exists in human resources that deserves the company's attention is the quality of employee performance, therefore the existing workforce needs to be maintained and developed is the quality. The quality of employee performance is considered important because the success of a company is influenced by good quality work in order to achieve the vision and mission desired by the company. One of the right ways is with work discipline as a reference for employees to improve company performance or performance, so that in a company that is experiencing business development it is expected to be able to improve employee performance, because the level of performance of the company's employees will determine the level of success. a company. The purpose of this research was to describe the strategy to improve employee discipline in achieving company success. This research was conducted at BMT Usaha Artha Sejahtera Jatisari Senori Sub-District Tuban District, which consisted of 13 employees. The research that the writer did was included in descriptive research using a qualitative approach, with the data sources used were primary and secondary data sources. The data collection technique used in this research is through observation, and semi-structured interviews which are equipped with related documentation data that is used as a complement in obtaining data as information material. The results of this research indicated that there were two factors that influenced employee work discipline, including compensation and supervision. While the results of increasing employee work discipline indicated that there were two factors, including rewards and career paths. It could be concluded that human resources were important thing in an organization so that they should be supported to have high work discipline.

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