Paraphrastic Approach To Increase Students’ Writing Skill In Analyzing Intrinsic Elements On James Joyce’s Short Stories


Paraphrastic Approach
Short Story
Intrinsic Elementary of Story
Writing Skill


Book Report I is a compulsory subject in English Literature Department’s curriculum of 2nd semester that focuses on analyzing literary work. The researchers observed that some students still have low motivation in studying literature of that course. It can be seen through their low score either from their task or middle/final test.
Based on those reasons, the researchers try to apply a suitable way or technique in teaching literature for Book Report I. Paraphrastic approach is considered to be the best technique to enhance students’ motivation in analyzing short stories in terms of elements of a story. There are some activities that are applied by the lecturer to the students in Paraphrastics approach before the students are going to be analyze literary work by themselves. By applied Paraphrastic approach, the students are hoped to be able to analyze short story easily. Besides, their scores either from their task or middle/final task are hoped to be able to increase.
The research design of the study is quasi-experimental. Thus, there are two groups that are involved in this study, experimental group and control group. Experimental group is taught Paraphrastic approach and control group is taught other technique instead of Paraphrastic approach. The data is quantitative. The source of data was collected from the scores of students’ work in analyzing elements of a story in terms of focus, supporting reasons, organization, convention and integration. The research subject will be the 2nd semester students of English Literature Department in Universitas Gresik especially who are taking Book Report I as a compulsory subject. The research is conducted in seven meetings that are two meetings for pre-post tests and five meetings for the treatments. Then, the data analysis is done by using IBM Statistics SPSS 22.
The finding of this study shows that there is improvement of both groups from pre-test scores to post-test scores in terms of focus, supporting reasons, organization, convention
and integration. Nevertheless, the result of the study shows that the students’ scores of post-test in experimental group is better than in control group. Thus, it can be said that there is significant different result between students who are trained Paraphrastic approach and those of students without Paraphrastic approach training. It can be concluded that applying Parapharstic approach to the students had been proven effective to increase students’ skill in writing literary analysis.

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