An Effect of Sugar Concentration Level Changes from Yellow to Green Light in Water


sugar solution
refractive index
yellow light
green light


Sugar is part of the carbohydrate chain. One group of these carbohydrates is disaccharides. The sugar used in this study is sucrose which is formed by glucose and fructose. Sucrose has the property of rotating polarized light to the right. Thus, the level of sugar content in water can affect the refractive index in the sugar solution. Therefore, more sugar content can cause the refractive index in the sugar solution to increase.

For example, the addition of sugar at 37.5% level can increase the refractive index from 1.333 to 1.402. As the index of refraction increases in the sugar solution, more light is absorbed. Absorption of light in a sugar solution can change the color of light from yellow (589 nm) to green (560 nm). Yellow light can be used for healthy skin and green light can be used to reduce the intensity of migraine.

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