Implementation Of Character Education Through Praise Book Program In Efforts To Improve Student's Religious Characteristics ( Case Study SD YIMI Full Day School Gresik).


Character education
commendable books,
characteristics Religious


Character education is expected to shape the nature of students to behave well in
everyday life. The commendable book program is an effort to realize the goals of
commendable character through habituation of disciplined, honest, and religious
behavior. through the commendable book YIMI Gresik.
This study aims to determine and explain how the implementation of character
education through the commendable book program in an effort to improve the
religious characteristics of students at YIMI Full Day School Gresik Elementary School.
This study uses a qualitative approach and descriptive method with a case study
research design. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and study
documentation. The research objects include school principals, teachers, students as
implementers, parents and the object of implementing the character team. Meanwhile,
data analysis was carried out by condensing data, presenting data, and leveraging
data. To test the validity of the data by using transferability. The research stages
include: pre-field stage, entering the field, data analysis, and writing stage.
The results of this study indicate that the Contribution of School Culture in Building
Student Character through several school programs, including: (1) Congregational
Prayer Culture, (2) Tahfidz Qur'an Program (3) Praiseworthy Student Program (4)
Istighosah and Manaqib Programs.
The commendable book program held at YIMI FULLDAY SCHOOL Gresik
Elementary School was able to improve the religious character of students, especially
in terms of praying, reading the Koran, behaving well, dressing modestly, covering
their genitals and other things that can trigger students to have noble character.

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