Actualization of The Teacher's Role in Building Religious Moderation in MIN 1 Lamongan


Peran Guru
Moderasi Agama


The actualization of the teacher's role in the implementation of religious moderation is very important. Given the role of teachers as learning designers, making teachers have an essential role in shaping students' attitudes. The attitude of religious moderation that grows and develops in students cannot be separated from the teacher's efforts in designing learning. This paper attempts to describe the actualization of the teacher's role in building an attitude of religious moderation at MIN 1 Lamongan. By using a qualitative approach, and data collection using interviews. This study seeks to multiply the actualization of the teacher's role with the subject of MIN Lamongan. This study's results indicate that the teacher's role is fulfilled in three stages: input, Process, and Output. Teachers in their capacity design the three stages as educators to build students' religious moderation attitudes. The values of religious moderation that developed at MIN 1 Lamongan include, Tasamuh (tolerance), Musawah (equality), Shuro (deliberation), Tawassuth (taking the middle way), and Tawazun (balanced).

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