Study of Human Resources, Technology, Environmental Health on Economic Growth and Sustainable Development


Human Resources
Environmental Health
Economic growth
Sustainable Development


Quality Human Resources have a very good influence if they are used as well as possible. Human Resources are the basic capital of a nation's wealth because humans are production factors that are active in collecting capital, exploiting natural resources, building social, economic, political organizations and carrying out national development. Technological progress has been realized that it can provide economic benefits, so that developing countries try to develop their potential to absorb, procure and master technology. Economic progress is marked by changes in the production process, the introduction of new products or an increase in the amount of output using the same input, the discovery of new machines is a major breakthrough in technological progress but the progress of the process is still continuous. Technological development is carried out to save labor so that economic development follows the dynamics of the environment. The issue of sustainable development (SDGs) in the field of environmental health in 2033 cannot be forgotten from the efforts to manage and preserve the environment. The declining quality of the environment has threatened the survival of living things, so it is necessary to protect and manage them. Sustainable development should be able to integrate environmental, social and economic aspects into development strategies, the main reason being how to condition the success of sustainable development (SDGs). It really depends on the active role of all components of society, including the government, the business world, the mass media, social institutions, professional organizations and academia.

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