Analysis Structural Equation Modelling of Consumer Repurchase in The Marketplace


Digital Marketing
Customer Engagement
Customer Experience
Structural Equation Modelling


Advances in technology, the internet, and smartphones have increased the number of digital service users in Indonesia. One of them is an online product purchase service. Marketplace is one of the largest E-Commerce in Indonesia which has carried out a digital marketing strategy to reach all levels of society, especially Z generation and millennials. This study aims to analyze the effect of digital marketing on repurchases with customer engagement and customer experience as intervening variables on repeat purchases. This research was conducted by collecting data through questionnaires to 100 respondents who are Marketplace users in the Lamongan Region. The statistical method used is multigroup Structural Equation Modelling. The Result of this research are Digital Marketing has a big influence in building Customer Engagement and Customer Experience on online marketplace services. Customer Engagement and Customer Experience encourage repurchases on online marketplace services.

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