Drought Characterization In The Corong River Basin Using Meteorological Analysis


Drought; River Basin; Rainfall; The Standardized Precipitation Index


East Java Province is the number one supplier of national rice production in Indonesia. Lamongan is one of the districts with the most rice production in East Java and ranks fifth nationally. The availability of national food is highly dependent on the availability of water in rivers, dams, and reservoirs. This study aims to characterize the drought in the Corong River Basin which is located between Lamongan Regency and Gresik Regency. These two districts are very prone to drought. The Corong watershed supplies water to the southern Lamongan area which is very prone to drought. This research method uses the analysis of The Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI). The parameters used are rainfall data from 2001-2020 in the Corong River Basin area from 3 rain stations, namely the Gondang, Lamongan, and Karangbinangun rain stations. From the results of the analysis of SPI-1, SPI-3, SPI-6, and SPI-12, the minimum drought occurred in 2007 with the lowest value of -3.6188 with the characteristics of a very dry drought.

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