Empirical and Theoretical Student Worksheet Development in Vector Resultant Analysis


Understanding ability
empirical and theoretical review
student worksheet


Vector is the basic concept in physics learning. Several studies have stated that participants' students experience difficulties in the form of the inability to reason and experience misconceptions about the basic concept of vectors. The difficulties underlie this research to conduct measurement of the understanding ability of students use the student worksheet which was developed based on empirical and theoretical reviews on vector material. The steps of laboratory activities in the development are adjusted with the guided discovery learning model. The development model used in this research is ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate). The analysis techniques used a paired sample t-test to see whether the increase was significant or not. The result of this research get an increasing significant score, between the mean pre-test score (41) and mean post-test score (66) by using a scale of about 0 to 100. The research findings provide ideas to develop the students' worksheets based on the theoretical and empirical reviews on the dynamic fluids topic.

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