Preservation of the Architecture Of Jami' Gresik Mosque As A Guardian Of The Historic Image Of Gresik City Spiritual Place


Preservation, Jami' Gresik Mosque, Architecture, Perception.


The role of history is very important for the continuity of the period of a place, as well as the Jami' Gresik Mosque which has been established in the 1600s, of course, the mosque building has a high historical value, along with the changing times of the Jami' Gresik Mosque building also experienced a change from the shape of the facade, the layout or skin of the building, for this reason, this research was carried out to analyze the character of the building and identify the direction of building changes in the Jami' Gresik Mosque. This study uses descriptive analysis methods, evaluative methods and development methods, buildings that have low potential are from the third mosque building because considering the third mosque building was started in the 80s the value of cultural meaning, such as the facade and column of each aspect of the mosque is low. This variable can be classified as a variable that needs detailed handling to strengthen the image of the Gresik City area.

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