Solid Waste Management in Traditional Market (Case Study: Keputran Utara Traditional Market, Surabaya).


solid waste
Keputran Utara
traditional market
waste management


The traditional market is one of the major solid waste generators. Keputran Utara Traditional Market is one of the huge traditional markets in Surabaya City. Keputran Utara Traditional Market is shaded by PD Pasar Surya. The number of booths operating at the Keputran Utara Traditional Market reached 1.389 booths. This research is carried out to investigate the characteristics of solid waste, the amount of generation market waste, and the management of solid waste. The data research was collected from observations and sampling following SNI 19-3964-1944. The solid waste was produced by Keputran Utara markets, such as vegetable waste (biodegradable), plastic, paper, wood, and bamboo. The results depicted that average waste generation was produced 13,34 tons/day or 43,73 m3 / day. The average percentage of the managed waste is 49,6%, and unmanaged waste is 50,4%. The treated solid waste pass to Wonorejo Compost House in Surabaya by processing waste into compost and food for magot.

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