Analysis of Determining the Water Quality Status of the Kaliotik Lamongan River with the Pollution Index Method


Pollution Index



Water is an important natural resource because all forms of life depend on it. Rivers are one of the sources to meet these needs, but now many rivers are indicated to be polluted, one of which is the Kali Otik Lamongan River. This study aims to determine the status of water quality to be analyzed using the Pollution Index (PI) method. The type of research used is quantitative based on the results of the measured data. The water parameters tested were TSS, TDS, pH, temperature, nitrate, ammonia, COD, and BOD with three sampling points, namely the fish market area, residential area and agricultural area. From the results of the analysis using the Pollution Index (IP) method, the water quality status of the Kali Otik Lamongan River is at a moderately polluted level in May-June 2022.

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