Educational Concept of Prenatal Based on Al-Qur’an Perspective


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Prenatal Education


A child is the greatest gift from Allah SWT. Having a child is an enormous trust. Therefore, the parents have a responsibility to educate optimally to prepare the children's future. Some articles mention that education for children starts when he goes to school, at 5th or 7th years old. But the early research providing education began when he was in the womb. This statement is related to Al-Qur'an perspective. So, in this article, writers will study some verses in the Al-Qur'an to explain what the parents should do when the baby is in the womb, especially for education. This article aims to define the educational concept of prenatal based on the Al-Qur'an perspective. So, this article can be used as a reference for parents to prepare the next generation with good morals. This article used library research, writers looking for Al-Qur'an verses, and some concerns about prenatal education. As a result of this article, Islam has given universal and complex base principles for humans that cover all aspects. The primary purpose of implementing education is to get Allah's blessing. Therefore, providing education for children needs to implementing as early as possible. Al-Qur'an has some explanations about prenatal education, as explained in Al-Furqan: 74 and Ibrahim: 40 explaining about praying before having a child. Al-A'raf: 172 covenant and allegiance, Al-Maidah: 88, At-Tahrim: 6, and Al-Isra: 23 talking about kinds of prenatal education.

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