Implementasi Implementation of The Tahfidzul Qur'an Program in Improving The Religious Character of Students At Hidayatul Athfal Islamic Boarding School Dlanggu Deket Lamongan


The implementation of the Qur'an tahfidz program in improving religious character is very important. Given that the Qur'an is the main guideline for all Muslims, it is therefore very important to apply the values contained in the Qur'an in students. One of the religious characters that grow and develop in students can be done with the Qur'an tahfidz program, because by implementing the Qur'an tahfidz program it is able to familiarize students to read, memorize and understand the meanings contained in the Qur'an. This paper seeks to describe the implementation of the Qur'an tahfidz program in improving the religious character of students at the Hidayatul Athfal Islamic boarding school Dlanggu Deket Lamongan. By using a qualitative approach, and data collection using observation, interviews and documentation and data analysis using data reduction, data presentation and verification. This study seeks to explore the implementation of the Qur'an tahfidz program at the Hidayatul Athfal Islamic boarding school, Dlanggu, Deket Lamongan. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of the tahfidzul Qur'an program is carried out in three stages. Planning, Implementation, Evaluation. The three stages are designs carried out by the Qur'an tahfidz program to build religious character. The values of religious characters that developed at the Hidayatul Athfal Dlanggu Islamic Boarding School Deket Lamongan include, Religious Belief (aspect of belief), Religious Practice (aspect of worship), Religious felling (aspect of appreciation), Religious Knowledge (knowledge aspect), Religious effect ( practical aspect).

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